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Natural living mamas

Saving the earth and ourselves one family at a time.

Green mamas, for mommies trying to live greener
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Community for parents who are trying to live an earth-friendly lifestyle
Green Mamas is for moms who want to live a greener family-friendly lifestyle. Whether you're going green because of health reasons, or you want to save the earth, this is the place for you!


* No "fake" journals. If you have so little life that you create fake journals in an attempt to get attention, we really don't want you here.

* No advertising or spamming.

* No flame wars. We all have our opinions and ways of doing things. What works for one, may not work for another. Keep disagreements respectful. Basically: Be open-minded.

*No sappy goodbye posts.

* Keep posts on topic. Where we are about green living and parenting, it shouldn't be difficult. :) If you talk about something and it can be related to being a parent or living green it's fine. I'm pretty open about interpreting our focus.

* Speak up! A community is only as good as it's activity.

*For the sake of everyone's friend's page, please place all photos behind an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, go here.

* Linkage is good, provides a way for your fellow members to learn new things.

Some favorite green sites:

Contact the mods for the community at ljgreenmama@gmail.com